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Welcome to the Sailor Moon Audio page!
All Songs are the English Songs from Sailor Moon. YOU WILL NEED REAL ONE PLAYER OR REAL PLAYER TO PLAY THESE FILES! If you don't have one you can download it here for free! Click on the song name to play the song. If it doesn't work please email me and tell me which ones don't work.

Song Name: Song Length Audio Type
Sailor Moon theme 1:37 .ram
My only love 3:08 .ram
Carry On 2:14 .ram
A New Day 2:48 .ram
I Wanna be a Star! 3:22 .ram
Oh Starry Night 3:20 .ram
Only a Memory Away 3:13 .ram
Rainy Day Man 3:11 .ram
Rainy Day Man Remix 3:24 .ram
She's Got The Power 2:55 .ram

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